Utrecht Blue Wheat

Triticum durum   100 days

utrechtThis Dutch heirloom was grown in the area of Utrecht, Netherlands in the early 1900’s. Today it is usually grown as an ornamental due to the fact that it is difficult to dehull. Tall plants reach up to 48″ and have minor lodging issues. Uterecht Blue has good disease tolerance, and I suspect that this may be partially due to the fact that it flowers later than most spring planted wheats. This would mean it is flowering after the spring rainy season, which is when most disease outbreaks (fusarium being the worst) occur.

The grain heads take on a bluish hue when mature. Like Einkorn and Emmer, seed viability is improved by keeping the husks intact. I plant with the husks on. I also recommend planting in furrows or drilling, and not broadcasting, for good germination.

This was part of the wheat trials I conducted this last spring (2015). Given the difficulty of dehulling I may only be offering this once. That is unless I come across an easy way to remove the hulls from the grain.




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