Timilia Italian Durum Wheat

Timilia is a spring planted, hard durum wheat with a short growth cycle of 90 days. Also known as “Tumminia” and grano marzuolo, or “March Wheat”. It is an ancient variety from southern Italy and Sicily. In ancient Greece it was known as “trimeniaios”. While widely cultivated at the beginning of the 20th Century, it has been all but abandoned in favor of higher yielding, modern wheat varieties, and is in danger of  disappearing.  It has a low gluten content and can be used for breads when mixed with other flours. In Italy, it is especially revered for making fresh and dry pasta. Timilia has been entered into the Ark of Taste.

Timilia tolerates excessive heat and drought conditions. While not exactly a well suited variety for humid northern Indiana, it did produce fairly well for me the first season

Original Seed Stock from Italy

(2017). The yields were far less than my fall planted wheat but I believe with time it will become more acclimated to this region. This wheat is fairly tall at 50″ and can lodge in periods of heavy rain and gusty wind. I grew in 4′ wide beds and tied up with t-posts and twine. The only major problem I had was birds who loved this wheat best over all the other varieties I grew. Netting might not be a bad idea if bird predation is an issue in your area.