Ble’ Dur Arcour Wheat

Triticum monococcum subsp. sinskajae

A very unusual type of Einkorn, also known as Sinskaya, that has grain that is “free threshing” from the hulls. This is a rare cultivar discovered on the coast of Turkey by Mikhailovich Zkukovskii (1926). It is lower yielding than Hulled Einkorn. I found it to be very easy to thresh, and the grains are truly naked (hull-ess). I did a lot of culling of diseased plants (yellow and die-back) this first season, and only saved seed from the most robust of plants with healthy grain heads. This variety had some minor lodging issues at the end of June, with the onset of heavy rains.

I am growing Ble’  Dur Arcour out as a winter wheat for 2017. If successful, I hope to grow out larger plots of this for selection, in the future.

{Update August 2017, the Ble Dur Arcour survived. I can not tell you how winter hardy it is in areas colder than a zone 5. The decision to plant spring or fall is really a question of climate. Here in Indiana, early spring planting is a gamble. Fall planting is a better option for my region.}