In 2020, I started 5 Mexican Sugarcane plants from stalk cuttings I received from my friend in Southern California. I started them indoors in March and planted them into the field at the end of May. The plants grew vigorous and reached nearly 7 foot in height by the end of September with 8 – 10 stalks per plant. Starting in August, I started removing the lower leaves to help concentrate the sugars. On October 13th, I harvested the lower portions of the stalks and proceeded to press the juice using an inexpensive sugarcane press I purchased on Amazon for $150.00. That juice was then boiled down and I had a total yield of nearly 10 pints of light syrup with great flavor!

This season (2021), I have starts from my harvested plants potted and growing in my sunroom. They will be planted in the spring for a second season with this crop. In addition, I have a number of other varieties to trial, including Striped Jamaican and a couple new types from Mexico.