Ohoyzu Soybean

Glycine max.               105 – 120 days

ohoyzu 2 1000 by 750Ohoyzu was one of my soybean trials from 2014. The plants grow to 24” tall and are bushy. Each pod contains 3 to 4 seeds. I chose this variety for the extremely high oil content of 22.2%. They were very productive. I harvested on October 11th. The beans were of good quality with few culls. I had no splits and just a few underdeveloped beans. I plan to continue working with this bean next year.  Direct seed after all danger of frost has passed in mid to late May. Plant 1″ deep and 2″-6″ apart. I am very excited about this bean and will update this page with more information once I have a chance to experiment in the kitchen over the winter!

As of the 2015 grow out I have nothing but good things to say about Ohoyzu. No lodging issues ever during periods of excessive heavy rains. No disease problems and very high yields of high quality beans. I did make soymilk and found the flavor to be very rich.

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