Wild Pea of Umbria


wild peaThis rare, wild pea, has been grown in Italy for centuries, and consumed as a staple by local populations. It produces small, speckled peas, which are dark brown, purple, reddish or dark green in color.  The flavor is rich and more like a fava bean than a soup pea. Wild, dry peas are a protein-rich food and a delicious and nourishing addition to soups. In Italy they are also used to make farecchiata (a kind of polenta).

I found these very easy to grow. They prefer a cool growing season. I direct seeded in rows on the 10th of April. They reach a height of about 4′ and require a trellis. I harvested in mid July by cutting the whole plant and hanging until pods are completely dry. Easily threshed by placing plants into a pillow case and then gently stepping on the pillow case to release the peas from the pods. Winnowing is done in front of a fan. Excellent yields.

Seed Saving: Isolate from other Pisum sativum varieties by a minimum of 50′ for home use, or 150′ for pure seed.

wild pea flower

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  1. Heesun Hwang says:

    Hi. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and detailed information. Do I need to order one by one? I’m so thrilled to see the crop species and varieties I’ve always wanted to try. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Katrin says:

    Hi there and thank you for providing so much useful information! I’m down south in the Indianapolis area so warmer. I was wondering if anyone had experience fall or frost seeding with these peas? Thank you

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