Admiral Soup Pea

Pisum sativum               80 days

admiral plants 1000 by 750This variety is grown to produce dry soup peas that store well and cook quickly. A good source of protein. Easy to grow and harvested in early July. They also work great as a compost crop when grown with a suitable companion, like oats, wheat or rye. Tolerates cool weather and poor soil conditions. I raise my crop in beds and add support around the periphery to help deter lodging. Once the majority of pods are dry and the plants are yellowing I cut the whole pea plant and hang for further drying until the peas can be easily threshed. An excellent dry staple for areas with short and cool summers.

Seed Saving: Isolate from other Pisum sativum varieties by a minimum of 50′ for home use, or 150′ for pure seed.

Admiral pea 1000 by 750admiral pea 2 1000 by 750

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