Zhe 733 Lowland Rice (early maturing long-grain)


Zhe 733 is an early maturing for a long grain rice. It was developed in Zhejiang Sheng China. It is a modern lowland cultivar and was chosen, based on its earliness, for inclusion in my 2019 rice trials wherein early maturing lowland varieties were grown in upland conditions. I can clearly state that this variety does not perform well under upland conditions. At least not without some adaptation. It will require significant more water than the usual rainfed conditions of most upland varieties. I obtained my initial seed from the USDA.

Zhe 733 flowered 57 days from transplanting and was harvested 99 days from transplanting. It is considered a semi-dwarf variety and reached a height of 3 1/2 foot tall. It had no lodging issues during periods of heavy rainfall yet the USDA states that it is susceptible to lodging. Possibly growing it as an upland type gives it a more stable root system. The low yields were mostly due to the fact that the plants had few grain bearing tillers. In a lowland paddy system I would expect that it would tiller much more and have good yields.

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