Zerawchanica Select Upland Rice (Poland)

Zerawchanica is an Central European upland variety. As I understand, the original seed was collected in Poland. My seed came from a listed member of Seed Savers Exchange. The plants produced early, similar to Duborskian (100 – 110 days). They are awnless which is always a benefit if you hand harvest and hand thresh. The plants reached a height of 38″ and had a good number of tillers. This is a short grain brown rice. Overall, a very impressive early variety with slightly lesser yields than Duborskian and Amaura, at around 10 pounds per 100 square foot bed.

Zerawchanica cooks up very creamy in texture and with a great flavor. I would describe it as being somewhat fragrant during cooking.


Cooked Zerawchanica. Very creamy!