WIR 911 (Russian Landrace)

WIR 911 is a landrace variety collected in Primorskij kraj, which is a federal subject of Russia located across the Sea of Japan from Hokkaido Island. This variety was entered into the USDA’s NPGS in 1994. I obtained my initial seed from Sylvia Davatz in Vermont.

WIR 911 is a early maturing red bran rice. It flowered 56 days from transplanting and began maturing 93 days from transplanting. It has long awns and reached a height of  3 foot. On August 20th 2019, right before harvesting, we had heavy rainfall and the WIR 911 experienced some major lodging. I would recommend providing support in areas where heavy rainfall can occur in late summer. This is a beautiful variety with white hulls and long white awns.

I got an opportunity to cook up some of this the other night. I did not pearl it and instead chose to steam it as a “brown rice”. It maintained its reddish color after cooking and was a perfect blend of firmness (not sticky but soft) and delicious flavor. I would suggest that WIR 911 would be an excellent pilaf rice.

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