Vialone Upland Rice (heritage risotto type)

This is another upland type, heritage rice from Italy. My seed was sent to me by Sylvia Davatz (Solstice Seed) in Vermont. The research I came across referred to Vialone as an “Italian semifino rice (medium-grain), and is especially appreciated as a risotto rice. While rich in starch (which makes for creamy risottos), the high amylose content allows it to keep its shape and absorb lots of liquids during cooking.”

img_9084One very striking aspect is the purplish color on the maturing leaves, stalks and hulls. The rice itself is not purple, but brown in color. Vialone tillered heavily and grew very tall. It had some issues with lodging after periods of very heavy rain. I harvested 126 days after transplanting at the end of May. This puts Vialone nearing the threshold for maturity here in northern Indiana. It produced good yields and is awn-less.

Sylvia shared with me that she originally received 7 seeds from the USDA GRIN for this variety. After a couple of years she had enough seed that was able to share seed with me and other growers. It yielded approx. 15 pounds per 100 square foot. A little less than the Cho Seun Zo Saeng.