Venere Italian Black Rice

Venere is a black rice variety developed in Italy by Dr Wang Xue Ren. The purpose was to breed a cold tolerant, northern adapted version of black rice by crossing Forbidden Black Rice with a cold tolerant Chinese variety. Riso Venere, which means “Venus Rice” in Italian,  is a medium grain rice with a naturally black pericarp. The plants were very short at 1 1/2 – 2 foot tall, extensive tillers and zero issues with lodging. The plants began to flower on July 27th at 66 days from transplanting in late May. I harvested over a 7 day period, with the first mature panicles harvested on September 12th (113 days from transplanting). The seed was sent to me from a friend in Sweden. I grew the Venere using upland rice conditions.

  • This variety has a very slow germination rate


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