SZ-958 Hungarian Upland Rice (extra-long grain)

SZ-958 is a early maturing, extra-long grain upland variety developed in Hungary. It was one of three Hungarian long-grain varieties I grew this season. It was by far the earliest maturing at 90 days from transplanting in late May, but it also had the smallest yield of the three at 6 pounds per 100 square foot bed (approx. 100 plants). This variety is fairly short at 2 foot tall and it did experience some lodging issues when a derecho wind storm blew through in early August. I suffered minimal damage as all my rice beds are staked and tied up to prevent lodged plants from winding up in the dirt. SZ-958 is also a awnless variety and has brown bran.

SZ-958 cooked up with great flavor yet it was more sticky in texture than I had hoped for. This could be the result of the cooking method (boiling) and the amount of water used. My goal for a long grain variety is the ability to use it in a fried rice dish or Spanish rice.

SZ-958 polished


SZ-958 cooked

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