SZ-79 Hungarian Upland Rice (extra-long grain)

SZ-79 is a upland cultivar developed in Hungary. It is an extra-long grain variety with a slightly smaller yield than SZ-6. The yield was 8 1/2 pounds of paddy per 100 square foot of bed space (approx. 100 plants). The plants reach a height of 2 1/2 foot and and did experience some lodging during the derecho storm that swept through our region on August 10th. I sustained minimal damage due to the fact that I support my rice beds with stakes and twine. SZ-79 is fairly early. The plants began flowering on July 14th, 53 days from transplanting in late May. I harvested on September 3rd, 104 days from transplanting. This is a awnless variety.

SZ-79 cooked up nicely in a Spanish Rice dish. The pearled grains were slightly toasted in oil and then cooked with chicken stock, tomato paste and seasonings. The end result was delicious and the grains stayed slightly firm and flaked apart nicely. Very similar qualities to the other 2 Hungarian, long-grain varieties, SZ-958 and SZ-6. 

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