SZ-6 Hungarian Upland Rice (extra-long grain)

This is a modern upland cultivar bred in Hungary. It is an early maturing, extra-long grain variety and a good yielder at 9 1/2 pounds of paddy per 100 square foot bed (approx. 100 plants). The plants started flowering 53 days from transplanting in late May and were harvested on August 28th (98 days from transplanting). The plants reached a height of 2 1/2 foot and did experience some lodging during the derecho storm that swept through our region on August 10th. I sustained minimal damage due to the fact that I support my rice beds with stakes and twine. SZ-6 is also an awnless variety.

Here is a photo of SZ-6, dehulled, polished and cooked. The flavor was delicious and the leftovers were used in a Japanese Fried Rice recipe. While not “sticky” the grains did not flake apart like store bought long-grain rice. This could be due to the fact that this rice is “new rice” and not aged. Another possible factor could be cooking method. This rice was boiled and not steamed.


Japanese Fried Rice using SZ-6

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