Sputnik Rice (Russian cultivar)

Sputnik is a modern cultivar developed in Primorskij kraj, which is a federal subject of Russia located across the Sea of Japan from Hokkaido Island. This variety was entered into the USDA’s NPGS in 1997. I obtained my initial seed from Sylvia Davatz in Vermont.

This variety is classified as a short grain brown rice. It is also awnless. Sputnik flowered 51 days from transplanting and matured 97 days from transplanting, The plants reached a height of 3 1/2 foot and had some minor lodging issues after periods of heavy rainfall. The yield was 7 pounds of paddy per 100 square foot.

*I cooked up a pot of the Sputnik and served it with vegetables and homemade peanut sauce. I was surprised at how good this rice turned out. I had expected something very average, but found the flavor to be delicious. I did pearl the Sputnik before cooking. The grains were slightly sticky but separated easily with a fork. Of course, anything served with peanut sauce is bound to be exceptional.

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