Sensho Tane Upland Rice (Japanese landrace short-grain)

Sensho Tane is landrace upland variety from Japan. It was entered into the USDA NPGS in 1947. This is a very tall variety at 5 foot in height yet it experienced no issues with lodging this season. The plants began flowering at 66 days from transplanting in late May and were harvested on September 23rd (124 days from transplanting). This is a short-grain brown rice and is awnless. The yield was 6 pounds of paddy per 100 square foot bed (approx. 100 plants).

Sensho Tane cooked up nicely and was much firmer than I had expected for a short grain variety. It was only slightly sticky and had a great flavor. After I ate a few bites without any seasoning, I ended up adding some Thai peanut sauce. Once again, the rice is great but the sauce always compliments! One side point was that this rice (slightly pearled) cooked up very fast and was done 12 minutes after bringing the pot to a boil.


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