Se Zic Upland Rice (Japanese landrace short-grain)

Se Zic is a traditional landrace cultivar from Japan. I obtained my seed from Sylvia Davatz (Solstice Seed) in Vermont. I have very little historical information about this variety.

I transplanted into the garden at the end of May and harvested 126 days later. Se Zic grew very tall (4 1/2′) and had a lot of vegetative growth, which helped to shade out weeds in the later part of the season. Se Zic had minor lodging issues and was fairly productive. It does have awns which adds a little extra work when threshing. Overall growth was very healthy and I plan to grow this variety out again. The yield was approx. 14 pounds per 100 square foot.

*2019 Update. I finally got a chance to cook and eat some Se Zic rice. I recently purchased a small kitchen rice pearling machine. The rice was converted to white rice and was absolutely delicious. Being a short grain type the consistency was a bit sticky.