R-67 Upland Rice (Senegal long-grain)

R-67 is a long-grain, upland rice cultivar collected in Senegal. It was the latest maturing variety of this seasons trials at 146 days from transplanting. I would consider this variety to be better suited for a Zone 7 or greater. I barely got a harvest of early maturing panicles before we had our first hard freeze here in Northern Indiana. R-67 did manage a couple frosts before harvest with no damage.

The plants reached a height of 3 foot and had no issues with lodging. The plants began flowering on September 15th at 102 days from transplanting in late May. I harvested a few bundles of selected mature panicles on October 15th (146 days from transplanting) and a few more bundles one week later, October 22nd. On October 24th we had our first hard freeze and the remaining rice was left unharvested. Due to this partial harvest I have no meaningful yield data. R-67 is an awnless, long-grain variety.


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