Primanychskij Rice (Russian variety with large grains)

Primanychskij is a cultivar developed in Russia. I obtained my initial seed from Sylvia Davatz, Vermont. This variety was a real standout of the 2019 trials, as it produced some of the largest grains I have yet encountered. Primanychskij was grown using upland methods and had good yields nearing 10 pounds of paddy per 100 square foot.This variety was also grown in a part of my field that experiences mid afternoon shade, as it borders a southern wooded area. The yields could quite possibly have been greater in an area that experiences full sun, but I am finding that rice can tolerate some shade in either the morning or afternoon.

Primanychskij flowered 53 days from transplanting and started maturing 100 days from transplanting. The harvest period extended for nearly 2 weeks. This variety grew very upright to a height of 4 foot. It did have some minor lodging issues after periods of heavy rainfall. Primanychskij is a large grain brown rice (almost a long grain) that has short awns.

Primanychskij as fried rice

Peareled Primanychskij

*I dehulled 460 grams of Primanychskij which yielded 344 grams of rice (2 cups worth). Next I pearled the rice (removing 90% of the bran) using a Japanese kitchen top pearling machine. I cooked the rice up as as regular rice (not as sticky) and the result was delicious. This variety is likely more of a “medium grain” type as it was semi-sticky but held its shape. I utilized the rice the second day as “fried rice”. The result was excellent.

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