Niquen Rice (Chilean, early and cold tolerant)

Niquen is a cultivated variety developed in Biobío Chile. It is noteworthy for its extreme earliness and cold tolerance. In all my trials to date, Niquen has proven to be the earliest maturing variety at 84 days from transplanting. My seed was sourced from the USDA. This variety was part of my 2019 rice trials wherein early maturing lowland varieties were grown in upland conditions. While the yields were modest compared to most other varieties, I am still intrigued at this varieties earliness and cold tolerance, which I am hoping extends to the period when rice is pollinating and vulnerable to cold temperatures. Niquen would likely benefit from more frequent irrigation or by being grown in a flooded paddy system.

Niquen flowered 46 days from transplanting and was harvested 84 days from transplanting. It is a medium grain, brown rice. The plants reached 40″ in height and had some minor lodging issues after periods of heavy rainfall.

*The flavor of Niquen delicious! I did pearl this rice before cooking. The texture was creamy and a bit chewy, the expected result with a medium grain rice. Not the best candidate for “fried rice”, but excellent with veggies and a bit of soy sauce, garlic and chile peppers.

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