Mizukuchiine Rice (Japanese early variety)


Mizukuchiine is an extra early maturing landrace from Japan with both reddish and green grains. I am unsure if this is a lowland or upland variety but it did respond well to upland growing conditions. Beautiful black hulls with black awns as it begins to mature. This is a medium-grain variety with distinctly light brown bran. The plants reached 2 1/2 – 3 foot tall and had no issues with lodging. The plants began flowering on June 14th, 53 days from transplanting at the end of May. The first harvest of 1/2 of the selected panicles was on August 14th (84 days from transplanting), and finished harvesting the remainder one week later. Mizukuchiine is a glutinous rice with very modest yields  3 3/4 pound of paddy from 100 square foot of bed space (approx. 100 plants). This variety had minimal tillers and likely could have been planted at a greater density, which would increase the overall yield per square foot.

The original seed was gifted to me from a grower in Vermont.

The Mizukuchiine was cooked with the bran intact (brown rice) and had a delightfully different flavor and texture than most brown rice varieties. The texture remained firm and a bit chewy. The flavor was nutty and buttery according to my taste. This rice took approx. 45 minutes to cook.

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