Mamoriaka Upland Rice (Madagascar)

Mamoriaka is a “landrace” upland rice from Madagascar. It was one of the latest maturing varieties in my trials this season (2018). I set out transplants on May 28th and harvested 134 days later on October 9th. Amazingly, this rice flowered 103 days after transplanting and still matured properly even as the nights grew colder in Fall.

The plants were very tall (4 1/2 foot) with many tillers. There was minimal lodging during periods of heavy rainfall. I would classify Mamoriaka as a small “long grain” brown rice with average yields. This variety is not suited for regions colder than a zone 5b. Mamoriaka cooked up nicely with a pleasant flavor. The grains remained fairly firm in texture and made superb fried rice.

cooked Mamoriaka