Loto Upland Rice (risotto type)


Loto is one of four varieties sent to me from Sylvia Davatz (Solstice Seed) in Vermont. Loto is a upland variety from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It is classified as a “risotto type”, but can be used in many different styles and dishes, including wonderful soups. I found it to be the easiest to de-hull (higher percentage of hulls removed per pass using hand-crank de-huller). The flavor was excellent.

Loto was the most lodge resistant of all the rice varieties I grew this season (I had zero lodging after a day with 4″ of rain). It stays fairly short and compact, reaching 3′ – 3 1/2′ in height. It was ready to harvest in 105 days img_9069from transplanting at the end of May. Loto also had very good foliage cover which helped to minimize weed competition after establishing a canopy. Loto is also an awnless variety which makes threshing much easier. It was very productive and yielded approx. 10 1/2 pounds per 100 square foot.