Kzul Shali Rice (early, red bran)

Kzul Shali is a very early maturing landrace variety from Uzbekistan. It was entered into the USDA NPGS in 1962. The plants began flowering 47 days from transplanting in late May, with an early harvest on August 14th (84 days) and a later harvest 1 week later. While the yield is not high at 4 pounds per 100 square foot, the earliness makes this variety attractive to growers in more northerly latitudes with short summers. The plants reached a height of 2 1/2 foot and had minimal issues with lodging.

The hulls are charcoal gray and fully awned. Kzul Shali is classified as a medium grained variety and has red bran.

I will be adding a flavor profile sometime this winter.



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