Kwanto Wase Upland Rice (short-grain)

Kwanto Wase is a Japanese short-grain landrace variety. It is considered an upland variety and was received by the USDA NPGS in 1947. This is a very tall variety reaching 4 foot and yet it had no issues with lodging. The maturing panicles are quite beautiful and are awnless. Kwanto Wase began flowering 66 days after transplanting and was harvested on September 17th at 118 days from transplanting. The yields was very good at 9 pounds of paddy per 100 square foot (approx. 100 plants).

Kwanto Wase cooked up fairly firm, somewhat sticky and had a pleasant rice flavor! I did lightly pearl the rice before cooking, and the cooking time was 15 minutes. This variety, in my opinion, would work well in most rice dishes including fried rice and Spanish rice even though it is considered a sticky rice .


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