Kumamoto #1 Upland Rice (Japanese landrace, white bran)


Kumamoto #1 is a productive Japanese landrace upland rice. Once dehulled, the rice grains are ivory white with a clear bran. The plants grew to 4 foot in height and had numerous tillers. There were no issues with lodging. The plants began to flower on August 1st, at 71 days from transplanting in late May. All the grain was harvested on September 27th at 125 days from transplanting. Kumamoto #1 is a awnless, medium grain variety. The yield was a little over 7 pounds of paddy from 100 square foot of bed space (approx. 100 plants).


Kumamoto was delicious and a little sticky cooked as a “brown rice” even though the unpearled grains have a very milky white bran. My wife suggested it had a flavor slightly reminiscent of quinoa.








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