Konosu #2 Upland Rice (upland landrace)

Konosu #2 is a landrace upland variety collected in Japan 1947. It had good yields at nearly 9 pounds of paddy per 100 square foot bed (100 plants). It flowered in 66 days from transplanting and was harvested in the middle of September at 117 days from transplanting. The plants reached 3 foot in height and had minimal issues with lodging.
Konosu #2 is an awnless medium grain variety.

Fast growing in the early stage.

One interesting note is that this variety was one of the fastest growing varieties of this seasons trials. Possibly a real advantage for direct seeding.

This variety cooked up firm and less sticky than the shorter grained Japanese landraces. Once cooled, it flaked apart nicely and would likely be a great rice for making fried rice or Spanish rice. 



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