Kendzo Lowland Rice (Portugal)

Kendzo is a short grain brown rice collected in Portugal. Possibly a heritage variety or landrace. I obtained my initial seed from Sylvia Davatz of Vermont. I believe this may be a lowland type but I grew it as an upland. The yields were modest compared to other short grained upland types like Duborskian. Likely Kendzo would have higher yields with either more water during the earlier growth stages up until flowering or being grown in a paddy system. The plants themselves are quite beautiful with purple/brown hulls as they near maturity.

Kendzo flowered 52 days from transplanting and matured 100 days from transplanting. The plants reached a height of 3 foot and had no issues with lodging during periods of heavy rainfall. *I will be adding a flavor/cooking profile to this page in the near future.

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