Kagama Dango Mochi Upland Rice (Japanese landrace -w- red bran)

Kagama Dango Mochi is a Japanese “landrace” upland rice, with red bran. In Japan, traditional mochi rice cakes are made using short grain “glutinous” rice. I do not believe this is a “glutinous” rice, so I am unsure why it has the attached “Mochi” in its name. Kagama Dango Mochi grains stay firm after cooking. They have a good nutty flavor and are excellent used for fried rice or as a cooked (boiled or steamed) whole grain. Red rice is high in anthocyanins. I transplanted on May 28th and harvested on September 27th (123 days). While similar to the Si Ga Ohata Mochi, this variety flowered in 72 from transplanting which is nearly 20 days earlier than the Si Ga Ohata, although they matured at the same time. The plants are tall at 4 1/2 foot and had many tillers. There were some lodging issues in early September after heavy rainfall. The overall yield was good at nearly 10 pounds from 100 square foot.

Cooked Kagama Dango Mochi