Java Long Grain (Indonesia)

Java Long Grain was a surprise success this season, being my first true long grain variety with a reasonable harvest.  It is a lowland variety from Indonesia, entered into the USDA’s NPGS in 1975. I obtained my initial seed from the USDA and grew this variety as part of my 2019 rice trials wherein early maturing lowland varieties were grown in upland conditions. While the yields would have likely been higher under a flooded paddy system, I was still very pleased with my results. Quality grains and a yield of nearly 5 pounds of paddy from a 100 square foot bed.

This variety flowered 88 days from transplanting. I started early harvest at 130 days from transplanting and finished up 10 days later. 140 days is my upper threshold “maturity window” for transplanted rice here in northern Indiana. This variety is also likely “day length neutral” to be successfully grown in a latitude 41.7 degrees north compared to its original latitude in Java of  latitude -7 degrees south. The plants grew to about 3 1/2 foot tall and had no issues of lodging.


I am very excited to highlight this rice variety. This is the first “true” long grain variety I have grown here in Northern Indiana. The bottom line about long grain rice is all about two starches, amylose and amylopectin. Short grain rice varieties are mostly amylopectin, hence sticky in nature. Long grain rice is high in amylose, and is therefore non-sticky with fluffy grains that separate. This also means a better quality rice for making “fried rice”. This rice was pearled, and cooked up perfectly. Not sticky, flavorful and the individual grains separated easily with a fork.

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