Hunan Early Dwarf Lowland Rice


Hunan Early Dwarf is a cultivar developed in Hunan Sheng China. It is an extremely dwarf variety with medium grain, brown rice. I obtained my initial seed from the USDA. This variety was part of my 2019 rice trials wherein early maturing lowland varieties were grown in upland conditions. Hunan Early Dwarf did well under upland conditions and was planted is a sandy loam soil. The yield was modest at 6 pounds per 100 square foot, but would likely be much higher if provided more irrigation or grown in a lowland paddy system.

This variety flowered 70 days from transplanting and began maturing 100 days after transplanting. I harvested in 2 phases, 1 week apart. The plants reached a height of 19″ tall and tillered profusely. At the time of the second harvest there were still many green immature panicles. Hunan Early Dwarf had zero issued with lodging during periods of heavy rainfall.

*Pearled and cooked, Hunan Early Dwarf was delicious. The grains were firm yet easily chewed, not sticky at all, as this is a medium grain variety. 

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