Erythroceros Hokkaido Upland Rice (Polish medium-grain)

Erythroceros Hokkaido is an unusual upland rice variety that I obtained from the USDA seedbank. It was donated to the USDA NPGS in 1960 from the Institute of Agriculture, Lubelskie Poland. I say unusual in the sense that this variety expressed a diversity of plant heights, maturity dates, hull colors (purple, brown and light brown) as well as some plants with long awned grain and some with very short awns. I have as of yet been unable to track down any further data for the history of Erythroceros Hokkaido. This is a medium grain variety with a 1o% protein content.

The plants averaged from 2 – 3 foot in height and had no issues with lodging. I am offering seed from the earliest maturing plants which flowered 47 days after transplanting in late May. I harvested these plants on September 4th (105 days after transplanting). The remaining late maturing plants (1/4) did not fully mature until the end of September.

I dehulled this variety in the electric kitchen rice dehuller and wound up with mostly broken pieces. This resulted in what could be called “rice middlins”. The texture and flavor were both awesome. Somewhat sticky with a rich nutty flavor.


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