Dichroa Lowland Rice (Russian short-grain)

Dichroa is a lowland rice collected in Russia and entered into the USDA’s  NGPS in 1960. I obtained my initial seed from Sylvia Davatz, Vermont. The Dichroa was grown as an upland variety and had fair results under those conditions. The plants flowered at 52 days from transplanting and matured at 100 days from transplanting. The plants reached a height of around 40 inches and had no lodging issues during periods of heavy rainfall.

Dichroa is an awned, short grained brown rice. We got a chance to dehull and cook some of the Dichroa rice this weekend, March 29th 2020. I did not pearl it, and we ate it as a brown rice. Very good flavor and not very sticky, more like a medium grain variety.

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