Dellarole Italian Rice (risotto type)

Dellarole is a rare heritage rice variety from the Lombardy Region in Northern Italy. It is also known as “Precoce Dellarole” and is a risotto type with medium grains. My initial seed stock was gifted to me by Max Nunziata, Italy. There is a reference to the importation of this variety from Vercelli Italy into the US in 1919 (USDA “Seeds and Plants Imported”, issued July 1922). While not necessarily a upland variety, I have found that all the Italian varieties I have grown over the years do well when grown using upland conditions. Dellarole is no exception.

The plants are tall reaching 4 foot and had minimal issues with lodging. Flowering started on August 1st at 71 days after transplanting in early May. I harvested on September 25th (126 days from transplanting). Dellarole had a moderate yield at 6 1/2 pounds of paddy from 100 square foot (approx. 100 plants).

I will be adding a flavor profile later this winter.


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