Daido Rice (Mongolian landrace)

Daido is a mid season, landrace  rice variety from Mongolia, possibly a lowland type but it performed well under upland conditions. It flowered in 76 days from transplanting and matured 117 days from transplant. Daido is fairly tall (3 1/2 foot) with moderate tillering and good yields of short grain brown rice. It did have some minor lodging issues during periods of heavy rainfall. Daido proved to be another tasty brown rice variety. It was very soft and somewhat creamy in texture. Not as creamy as the Zerawchanica and not firm like Amaura. Somewhere in-between. The flavor was slightly sweet and, as usual with brown rice, nutty. Overall I was very pleased. Daido is a little more difficult to dehull than other varieties. I had to pass it through my Brill dehuller 4 times for 98% hulless kernels. Most other varieties only require 2 or 3 passes.






Cooked Daido. Creamy with a pleasant nutty flavor!