Cho Seun Zo Saeng Upland Rice (high yielding landrace)

This is an upland, landrace rice from either China or Korea. It is a short grain, brown rice. The seed was sent to me from Sylvia Davatz (Solstice Seed) in Vermont. I have very little historical data on this variety. I did receive some information regarding the Korean meaning of the name:

Cho Seun = Choseon “the sun” referring to the Korean Dynasty from 1392 – 1948.              Zo Saeng = Zo (early)  and Saeng (growth or life)

This variety is very tall (4′ – 4 1/2′)  with heavy tillering and lots of vegetative growth. Later weed pressure was not an issue. Lodging, was also, not a major problem. I harvested 126 days after transplanting in late May. Cho Seun is very productive and also awn-less which makes threshing very easy. This variety had the highest yield for the 2016 grow-outs, at 16 pounds of paddy per 100 square foot.