Bertone Italian Rice (heritage variety)

Bertone is a heritage Italian rice, once marketed as “Ancient Brown Bertone Rice”.  There is a modern American variety called Jasmati, which has neither Thai “jasmine rice” nor Indian “basmati” in parentage. Jasmati is actually a American variety called Della which was a selection of original Bertone. This was a scandal at the time but should not take away from the importance of preserving this traditional Italian rice. You can read more about the Jasmati scandal at the following MOFGA link:

Bertone was fairly early and began flowering 58 days from transplanting. The rice was harvested on August 28th, 98 days from transplanting. The plants reached a height of 3 1/2 foot tall  and had no issues with lodging. The yield was fairly modest at 4 pounds of paddy per 100 square foot of bed space. Bertone may possibly be an aromatic type and I hope to include more about this at a later date. My initial seed came from Max Nunziata, Italy.

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