Ao Mari Wase Akage Upland Rice (Japanese landrace)

Ao Mare Wase Akage is a landrace upland variety from Japan. I obtained my initial seed from Sylvia Davatz in Vermont. It is a fairly high yielding variety which produced 10 pounds of paddy from a 100 square foot plot. It is a glutinous variety with no amylose. This would put it in the classification of being a sticky rice.

This variety flowered 74 days from transplanting and matured 122 days from transplanting. The plants grew to 3 1/2 foot tall with a large number of tillers. There were no issues with lodging after periods of heavy rainfall. Ao Mari Wase Akage is a awnless, medium grained, white rice (pearl colored bran). *I will be adding a flavor/cooking profile to this page in the near future.

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