Amaura Upland Rice (short-grain)

Amaura is a possible landrace from either Uzbekistan or Russia. It is an upland variety and has proven to be very early. The grain heads started emerging from the flag leaves a full 10 days earlier than Duborskian.

I hand harvested select, early maturing grain panicles on August 15th and completed the harvest (cutting the whole plant) on September 3rd. The plants themselves are stunningly beautiful with a deep contrast between the dark green foliage and the reddish grain heads. The rice kernels are not red, just the husk. Amaura would be classified as a short grain brown rice. The plants reached a height of 38″ and produced a fair amount of tillers. The yield was similar to the Duborskian this season at 12 pounds per 100 square foot.

Amaura cooks up with a great nutty flavor and the rice stays fairly firm compared to other short grain brown types. This is an excellent variety for making fried rice!



Cooked Amaura