Agostano Lowland Rice (Italian heritage variety)

    “Heritage Variety”

Agostano is an older cultivar from the Piedmont region of Italy. It was entered into the USDA’s NPGS in 1938. I obtained my initial seed from the USDA and this variety was part of my 2019 rice trials wherein early maturing lowland varieties were grown in upland conditions. Agostano did great under upland growing conditions. It had an average yield of 7 pounds of paddy per 100 square foot.

Agostano is an awnless variety that has a brown bran color and is classified as a medium grain type. It flowered 60 days from transplanting and matured 123 days from transplanting. The plants reached a height of 4 1/2 foot and had no lodging issues during periods of heavy rainfall. The Agostano was grown in a part of my field that experiences mid afternoon shade, as it borders a southern wooded area. The yields could quite possibly have been greater in an area that experiences full sun, but I am finding that rice can tolerate some shade in either the morning or afternoon.

*Agostano cooked up wonderfully and would be suitable for any medium grain rice dish. I made Spanish rice with some pearled Agostano. The end result was perfect and the grains did not stick together making for just the right texture. I believe this variety would also make great fried rice.

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