Turkish Rocket

Bunias orientalis

turkish rocket 1 1000 by 750Turkish Rocket is a perennial in the brassica family. In the spring the leaves can be picked and eaten raw or cooked (they are a bit fuzzy, which might turn some folks off from eating them raw). They have a spicy mustard flavor and work well in salads or stir fry. The real treat comes when the plant begins to send up flower buds. They resemble broccoli raab and also have a spicy flavor (a bit milder than the leaves). The more you cut the more it produces. When the plants need to flower overwhelms your ability to keep the flower buds picked, you will be rewarded with a stunning display of yellow flowers. A great beneficial insect attractor. After flowering, the plant produces an abundance of seed. This plant spreads as well as self sows so it’s placement in the garden should allow for its invasive nature. I created a bed, outside my regular garden, specifically for this plant (I similarly did the same for my Jerusalem Artichokes). The leaves can be eaten in the fall but they are much stronger than in the spring and probably work best cooked. To propagate, Turkish Rocket can be divided or easily grown from seed. I would give the plants a generous spacing ( 2′ to 3”) as they get quite large. It prefers well drained soil and full sun.

turkish rocket spring 1000 by 750turkish rocket 4 1000 by 750turkish rocket 3 1000 by 750


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  1. As I am less able now, through health difficulties, I am starting to dabble in perennial veg, hence this message xx

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