Little August Peanut

This is Little August, a rare heritage variety from Carold Wicker, seedsman in Prosperity, South Carolina. The name “Little August” denote 2 aspects of the peanut. Firstly, they are little, half to 1/3rd the size of most peanuts, but they pack an rich “peanutty” flavor, way more flavor than modern commercial varieties. Secondly, they are traditionally planted in SC at the first of August and harvested at the end of October. Obviously, that is a “Southern” thing and not possible in Indiana. The super-seedsman, Nat Bradford, who shared these with me, suggests a planting date for Indiana as May 15th (very possible), and a harvest around August 15th. That would make the Little August, at 90 days, the earliest maturing peanut I have yet come across.
I will be trialing this peanut in 2021