Tobi Bread Millet

Panicum miliaceum        

Tobi is a type of “proso” or “common millet”, and  grows very similar to other proso type millets. I do believe Tobi is going to take a few seasons to become acclimated to northern Indiana. I had a similar experience with proso millet in the past.

The seed came from KUSA. Tobi is described as a very rare glutinous-trait, folk-cultivar from Japan, ( possibly originating from Korea or China).

Update 2017. My initial trial of Tobi in 2016 resulted in modest yields from short, 2 1/2 foot tall plants. This second season grow-out from the saved seed was stunning. The plants grew 5 foot tall and the harvest of seed was 4 fold over 2016. Tobi yielded 5 1/2 pounds of seed from a 50 square foot bed. By far, the highest yielding millet variety I have found. 

Seed Saving: Pearl, Japanese, Hell’s Canyon and Proso are all different species and can be grown side by side without crossing.

To remove the hulls I have found that my hand crank rice de-huller works great. I have also found another method for de-hulling millet using a small pulse coffee/spice grinder. There are links to the video and information about the rice huller on my “Traditional Tools and Technology ” page. Click the link below.