Foxtail Millet (strain KSA-PI-391691)

Setaria italic

Also known as “Italian millet”. I obtained this seed from KUSA. This strain grew very well and produced large, pendulous grain heads. Like Hell’s Canyon, the grains will need de-hulled before using. This cultivar may benefit from support once the grain heads are developing, as they become very heavy and can break or lodge during heavy rains. Makes a superb, nourishing golden porridge. I have included info on de-hulling millet below.

To remove the hulls I have found that my hand crank rice de-huller works great. I have also found another method for de-hulling millet using a small pulse coffee/spice grinder. There are links to the video and information about the rice huller on my “Traditional Tools and Technology ” page. Click the link below.