Black Kabouli Garbanzo Bean

Cicer arietinum

img_7482This variety of garbanzo bean (also known as chick peas) has performed very well here in northern Indiana. Black Kabouli was developed at Washington State University. It produces quite early and is tolerant of light frosts and cold soil. The plants are not large, averaging about 2′ tall. They can be grown in a row with support or grown in close proximity to one another in a bed, where they will help to support each other, similar to field peas. They grow slowly and need to be kept weed free until established.

I direct seeded at the very end of March, and harvested the whole plants around the middle of July, once 3/4 of the pods were dry. I hung the plants for another 3 weeks until fully dry, before threshing. Germination is slow. My plants did not emerge until the 20th of April.