Hibiscus cannabinus          120 dayskenaf 3 1000 by 750Kenaf is grown as a source of fiber for making bags, paper, rope, and cloth. Its leafy greens are also used as a food source for both livestock and humans. Cultivated for more than 3000 years, this plant is in the experimental stage on our farm. The plants grew 10′ tall and produced viable seed here in Northern Indiana. The outer bark is peeled off and used for its long, tough fibers. How exactly to turn those fibers into a useful textile is an ongoing project. Information for small-scale processing is very limited. Start the plants indoors 6 weeks before setting out after the last frost in spring. Space closely so that the plants do not branch too much. I believe this crop has great potential to serve as a source of textile fiber for small scale homesteading. Use gloves when handling the mature plants as the leaf branches are quite prickly.


Kenaf in flower

Kenaf in flower

One summers growth

One summers growth

Kenaf fibers

Kenaf fibers

10 Responses to Kenaf

  1. Dear Sir/Madam:

    We are looking for Kenaf and Eucalyptus Dunnii verities with the best fiber yield suitable for Particleboard and MDF production.
    Your quick response will be appreciated.

    Abdul Basit Khan

  2. Finula McCaul says:

    For extracting fiber, I would suggest treating it like overgrown flax. Scutch and ret it.

  3. Mathilda says:

    Do you perhaps have any kenaf seed for sale?

  4. Ado Ndahi says:

    Dear Sir,

    We want to buy Kenaf Seeds in a bulk quantity for jut sacks making.
    Please, give us your quote price in Killograms or tonnage CIF Apapa port Lagos,


    Ado Ndahi

  5. Simon says:

    Where does one get a couple pounds of seed ? (kenaf)
    PS Thanks for the packet of 40 , arrived in perfect condition.

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