Mskigwat Flint

This is a Potawatomi corn that I obtained seed for in 2015 at the Harvest Festival put on by the Gun Lake Band of Potawatomi and the Jijak Foundation in Hopkins Michigan. As I understand, mskigwat means “red”. While the ears below are typical representations of this corn, I also found that it produced a few calico colored ears and one black ear. Stephen Smith explained to me that this was probably the genetics of an older parent corn called Carol Barker Flint being expressed. One traditional use for this corn would have been in the making of “damnaboo”, a wood ash hominy soup.

I also came across this article that mentions Mskigwat producing aerial roots like many Mexican and South American corn varieties. These roots can produce an exudate that may be nitrogen fixing.

Variants that can show up in a Mskigwat population.