Weihenstephaner Schwarze Nackt Barley

Hordeum vulgare convar. vulgare var. duplinigrum

I received a small amount of seed for this German variety from Petr Vorbil, Czech Republic, in the winter of 2017. I planted the following spring (2018). Four seeds germinated and produced well. This spring (2019) I planted a larger plot and had a good yield of quality seed. This is an incredibly beautiful 2 row barley with very long blond awns and blackish-gray hulls. The grain is what I would call semi-hulless and dark purple/black in color.

*This variety is very suitable for spring planting but, it can be fall planted in regions with mild winters where the lows do not drop much below freezing. I have not attempted to fall plant this variety here in Northern Indiana but it was successfully overwintered in Southern California by Kevin Payne. I am offering seed grown by me here in Northern Indiana.

Weihenstephaner Schwarze Nackt Barley is listed in the PGRDEU (Plant Genetic Resources in Germany) as a “Red List” variety. This means that it is a native, endangered domestic crop. Weihenstephan is a part of a town called Freising in Bavaria, Germany. It has been entered into the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.