Tibetan Black Barley (A Chushi Gangdruk Selection)

This is by far the blackest barley I have ever grown. I was given seed from Kevin Payne, Taft California, who had selected this strain from the KUSA Seed Foundation’s “Chushi Gangdruk Population”, which was a composite mixture of naked (free threshing) landrace barley varieties from Tibet. I did a 2 part grow out. I fall planted a bed on October 1st of 2018 and planted another bed the following spring (2019). The winter bed has a 50% survival rate. Both beds did remarkably well given our troublesome wet spring and early summer. The fall planted bed was harvested about 2 weeks earlier than the spring planted bed. The quality was nearly identical. I am in zone 5 and would suggest fall planting in regions with warmer winter temperatures for better survival rates. 

This variety may have issues with lodging in regions that experience heavy summer rainfall and or wind. This is a 2 row barley that produces large seed. I would expect it would have a good yield potential.

This wheat is likely facultative (spring or fall planting) but I am unsure of the range north for successful overwintering. I am suggesting that it be fall planted in regions that do not experience winter temperatures that fall much below freezing. My winter bed only had a 50% survival rate here in Northern Indiana.